Illinois Department of Transportation Multiyear Improvement Program

November 2, 2022

Each year, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) develops a fiscally constrained six-year program which describes how the state will be investing into the roadways across the state. IDOT released its Multi-Year Improvement Program this August which will span from 2023-2028. This proposed development plan will focus on highway improvement to ensure Illinois residents, businesses, and visitors have safe and accessible transportation systems throughout the state.

IDOT utilizes the Data-Driven Decisions tool to prioritize projects based on five goal areas for improvement. This tool looks at traffic operations/ congestion, safety, economic development, environmental impact/ livability, and regional rating.

The Multi-Year Improvement Program has specific objectives for the nine IDOT districts across the state. These objectives include the enhancement of bike paths, resurfacing roads, replacement of bridges, improvements of railroad crossings, and more. Improvements will be made on both state and federal roadways.

Together, this program totals $24.6 billion in funding to make these improvements possible. A majority of this funding comes from federal reimbursements (54%) with the remainder of the funding coming from bonds proceeds, local reimbursements and state funds, including motor vehicle registrations, sales tax, motor fuel tax and nominal interest income.

The 2023-2028 Multi-Year Improvement Program can be found here:

If you have question or concerns regarding IDOT’s Multi-Year Improvement Program and how it may impact you and your business, please contact the attorneys at Rock Fusco & Connelly.