Cyber Security

Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC brings its experience in assisting with both the preparation for, and response to, security incidents and otherwise manages cybersecurity risks and the resulting exposures. Several of our attorneys have handled incidents of many sizes, from including isolated attacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks by organized foreign criminal groups coupled with ransom demands to employees, and unintentional data breaches by communicating personal information outside their particular company. RFC’s clients benefit from its private sector and government experience focused on such cybersecurity risks. The firm’s experience includes cyber preparedness, incident response, information governance, data privacy, data breach regulatory response inclusive of HIPAA requirements, government and internal investigations, reputation management, the cybersecurity fiduciary duties of directors and officers, and related coverage issues.  RFC has attorneys that serve as breach coach, response team and those that handle the legal representation relating to any fall out.


RFC has recently handled matters dealing with the growing concern of data breaches for purposes of obtaining ransom payments in return for the restoration of access to HIPAA protected patient data. In this setting, RFC has assisted multiple clients as a liaison with private investigative groups, federal agencies such as the FBI, Department of Labor, Illinois Attorney General’s Office, cyber security firms, and other state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure the restoration of exposed patient data, the proper reporting process to the necessary agencies, as well as the future protection of such compromised data.

Additionally, RFC represented a defendant, one of the nation’s largest student loan collection agencies, against claims from a class of student debtors wrongful disclosure of their personal information including social security numbers. The district court granted our dispositive motion on Plaintiff’s complaint, and the matter was later settled with no case pending. The dismissal was affirmed by the Circuit Court of Appeals.  Our client was facing exposure in excess of $28,000,000.

Cyber Security

  • Evidence preservation
  • Cyber security litigation
  • Cyber risk management
  • Breach response

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