How Smaller Firms Are Attracting Bigger Clients

Smaller law firms are putting their hands up for work that was once automatically bestowed on only the largest of firms. The reason for the new shift in firm size is simple: corporate clients want lower rates and more personalized attention. For those reasons, Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC has found itself in a unique situation where it can provide top-level expertise while charging a fraction of what the big firms demand.

RFC has established itself as a leading firm in corporate, private equity, estate planning, civil litigation, municipal, and civil affairs.

The Increased Costs Of Legal Representation

The attorneys at RFC have been able to garner such business by capitalizing on established networks of colleagues as well as a favorable marketplace. Chicago lawyers point to the growing trend of general counsels being no longer willing to pay high hourly rates for routine legal work. Rather, companies are looking at ways in which they can receive more value for their legal expenses and RFC is a perfect example of one way in which they can do that.

Much like the banking sector, large firms had grown too large and expensive to work effectively. Hourly rates of $800-1000 for 1st year attorneys were no longer cost effective for the largest of corporate clients. As middle-sized clients left the big firms, the expenses of carrying hundreds of attorneys demanded higher rates and more hours billed. As a result, the Fortune 500 and municipal clients began to see even greater legal expenses as the large firms refused to shrink. Now, even the most profitable companies are seeking to find the biggest bang for their buck, and the answer is Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC.

Divide And Conquer

More corporate law departments are cutting their spending on outside legal counsel rather than raise it, according to surveys from Altman Weil, a law firm consultancy in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

That’s the strategy the attorneys at RFC are pursuing as well, with its division of lawyers focusing on a variety of practice areas, such as business litigation disputes, labor and employment issues, as well as commercial and intellectual property transactional work. Good quality legal representation is an art honed from decades of experience at an effective and economical rate, which is one of the cornerstones at Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC.