Mechanics’ Liens

We help Contractors & Owners with Mechanics Liens throughout Chicago and Illinois. Mechanics liens are tools used by general contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers used to protect their rights and their ability to get paid for their work. Filing for a mechanics lien is only the first step in the payment process. If a mechanics lien is filed, and the lien is still not paid, then the next step is to foreclose on the mechanics lien. A mechanics lien foreclosure action is a lawsuit commenced by the unpaid lienor to force the sale of the property so that the lien can be paid out of the proceeds of the sale.

At Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC we represent general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and owners in mechanics lien foreclosure matters across Chicagoland and the state of Illinois. In construction law, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands the laws involved with the mechanics lien process and can guide you and develop a plan to protect your rights. Our knowledge, experience and expertise with the mechanics lien law, allows us to tailor a plan for your individual situation. Our experience with mechanics liens often make it possible to advise clients of potential pitfalls that we see coming in their cases and take action to avoid those situations. We will enforce your lien as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC understands that enforcing a mechanics lien is not always the best way to secure payment. Rather than relying solely on lien law for payment we inform our clients of all the other potential courses of action that are available to them. Our role is to provide you, the client, with all of the legal options available to you and allow you to make an educated business decision about the best way to proceed. We will guide you through every step of the process.
If you are considering enforcing your mechanics lien please contact us at Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC now to schedule a free initial consultation. Timing can be everything and waiting too long can result in forfeiture of your lien rights. A key to getting paid is to promptly and diligently enforce your claim.

For more information on how the construction law lawyers at Rock Fusco & Connelly, LLC can help you with your mechanics lien related issue please contact us today for a free initial consultation.